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Kleine Aster

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Tonight, the very last episode of "30 Rock" will be airing. One of my favorite shows of all time is coming to an end, and I want to take a minute to express how much it means to me.

There's no party like a Liz Lemon party, 'cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory!Collapse )
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Here's a holiday classic for you, Jimmy Kimmel's highlight reel of parents telling their children that they ate all their Halloween candy. (Don't worry, they're not serious. The kids are, though. XD) Ah, children's tears.

We'll have a pretty low-key horror night with "Aktenzeichen XY" and "The Shining" on Blu-Ray (which Felix has never seen before, haha). Anybody have any ideas for Halloween-themed drinks?
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Here's a new Sims update from me. It's relatively short and unreasonably emotional. For me, at least.^^* It was fun to play again, and many thanks to silenzii for asking how my Sims are doing. ♥

First, allow me a moment here:

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As of today, I'll write (at least) one page for my novel every day, because Rocko Schamoni told me to on Roche und Böhmermann.
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The full prologue as well as the first two eps of our webcomic "Ewig Mein" are now online! Keep Linda company as she gets herself into more ominous shenanigans! I'll spam them all here, and even though I can't give full translations yet, I'll provide y'all a short info blurb in English for each episode in case you want to look. :)

Prologue: A Bump In The Night

Linda feels trapped. Something has terrified her to the point where all she tries to do is desperately hide herself from the world. It seems to work ... until someone starts pounding on her door in the middle of the night.

On the up side, nobody can find you. On the down side, nobody can help you.Collapse )
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