Alex (kleine_aster) wrote,

"Ewig Mein": The Saga Continues!

The full prologue as well as the first two eps of our webcomic "Ewig Mein" are now online! Keep Linda company as she gets herself into more ominous shenanigans! I'll spam them all here, and even though I can't give full translations yet, I'll provide y'all a short info blurb in English for each episode in case you want to look. :)

Prologue: A Bump In The Night

Linda feels trapped. Something has terrified her to the point where all she tries to do is desperately hide herself from the world. It seems to work ... until someone starts pounding on her door in the middle of the night.

Episode 1: Too Good To Be True

After finding her in her apartment with her face all messed up, Linda's big bro Clemens angrily demands to know what happened to her. Linda takes him back to a more innocent time where she, a hopeful young illustrator, fell in love with bestseller writer Daniel Haag. It seems like a perfect romance. OR IS IT?

Episode 2: Never Alone

Being a romance novelist, Danny's idea of romance is almost a liiittle to intense for Linda's tastes, but she's so charmed by him that she goes along with it. He seems to only have eyes for her. Literally.

Tags: abgeschnitten, ewig mein, ufalab, writing
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